KEVLAR® CORD B Section V Belts

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lawn and garden dry wrapped v belts wıth aramıd cords


  • KEVLAR® B Profile Classical V- Belts
  • Production Range : 220-3970 Top Width : 21/32” Depth : 7/16” Outside Length in Inches

    • Advantages of Kevlar®/ Aramid Cord Belts
    • Kevlar® cord Belt has the highest strength to weight ratio, i.e. 2 to 3 times higher than other organic fibers
    • Lower elongation eliminates resetting / re-tensioning of the Kevlar® cord Belts
    • Belts manufactured using Kevlar® cord offers reduced belt thickness and lower Belt weight
    • Kevlar® cord Belts offers higher strength and negligible elongation
  • WRAPPED KEVLAR® CORD CLASSIC V BELTSStandard; DIN 2215, ISO 4183, ISO 4184, Profiles; AK/13-4LK, BK/17-5LK, 20K, CK/22, 25K, DK/32, EK/40, available on different circumferences. Kevlar® cord inserted instead of Polyester cords , Application; Heavy Industrial Drives & V-Flat heavy Drives, stone crushers, etc.. Length Designations; Li in Inches as Inside circumference. 

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