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      lawn and garden dry wrapped v belts wıth aramıd cords


      (Premium V-Belts Oil Field Pump Jack)

      Due to the high power density of the VARIBELT*VX® Kevlar® V belts, the sheave width was reduced and a certain number of belts were required. Even in the extremely cold, exposed environment during the harsh winter conditions, belt life increased 33% leading to longer time span between belt replacements.
      VARIBELT*VX® Kevlar® corded V belts which provide extraordinary strength, durability, and dramatically less stretch than standard cross sections. That’s why they’re ideal for use on problem drives requiring high-impact strength and load-carrying power. These belts can handle 1.4 to 2.2 times more horsepower than the equivalent size standard V-belt.
      A double layer fabric cover creates maximum abrasion resistance that protects against wear caused by airborne dust and particles, which can cause rapid belt sidewall wear resulting in early failures.

      We can supply new and old system oil rig transmission belts, either, banded heavy duty v belts as like RSPA, RSPB, E PROFILE, D PROFILE (polyester and aramid cords available) or heavy duty timing belts as like 4326-HTD, 3150-HTD, 3850-HTD etc..

      VARIBELT*VX® Kevlar® corded timing belts designed specifically for oil refinery fan applications.  Features include fiberglass cords and aramid blended fiber rubber core provide the strength for heavy industrial applications. Fits standard HTD®, RPP®, and MR® pulleys so you get more performance and durability without the need to replace existing pulleys.

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