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      Classic Banded V Belts (RA, RB, RC, RD)

      Joining several classical- section belts to one single belt has created VARIBELT*VX® POWER DRIVE Classic Banded V-belts. This banded belt eliminates the need for matched sets, and prevents floating of the belts when clutching idlers are used. The banded construction reduces belt whip by damping the vibrations. This banded belt consists of classical A, B, C or D belts, joined by a fabric-reinforced tie-band laid across the top. Use of a flat idler is possible. The belts have good resistance to mineral oils and temperatures between -30°C and +60°C (+80°C for short periods).They also meet anti-static requirements (ISO 1813)
      Applications: VARIBELT*VX® POWER DRIVE Classic Banded V-belts are particularly suited: To replace a set of classical section belts on drives containing an idler. To solve whipping in drives subject to frequent shocks or recurrent vibrations. To high power agricultural drives, with or without clutching by idler
      The designation of VARIBELT*VX® POWER DRIVE Banded belts, in accordance with ISO standard 5290, refers to the number of strands, the section code RA, RB, RD or RC and the effective length. For further details on belt codes and minimum supply requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

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